Balloon Rides

Baskets aren’t just for egg collecting at EggFest.

Balloon rides are provided courtesy of RE/MAX.

Balloon rides are contingent upon the weather. Weather conditions have to be just right in order for the balloon to be able to lift off.

If the event must be postponed to April 11th, Eggfest will not be able to reschedule the balloonist.

There are no pre-registrations for the balloon. The balloonist can only offer a limited number of rides during the event (around 50), so we encourage families to arrive early. They will be given a wrist-band with a time stamp for their respective rides.

The balloon will be tethered at all times and will go up between 35-40 feet per ride. The basket can fit a total of four people (not including the pilot). No infants allowed. Young children may ride with a parent’s permission, but the top of the basket is 3 to 3.5 ft, and they may not be able to see over it.

If your family is unable to take a balloon ride this year, there are plenty of other great activities. Please join us for our various age-specific egg hunts, crafts, balloon animals, face painting, bouncy house, live music, photo ops and more!

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