How many chomps does it take for Mr. Hopper to get to the center of a carrot pop? The world may never know.
  1. Do I have to register ahead of time? No. We’ll have registration available at the event. Registering ahead will save you time when you arrive and will sign you up for event related notifications.
  2. Will there be something available for our children to collect eggs in? Yes. Bags will be available at the registration table.
  3. What is available for parking? Christ’s Church has limited parking and the hot air balloon will take up most of the parking lot. The town of Amherst has allowed our guests to park alongside Merrimack Road. Please do not park in any of our neighbor’s driveways.
  4. Is the event really free? Absolutely. We will give our guests who ride the balloon an opportunity to give to a local charity in partnership with REMAX. But the donation is optional.
  5. Are pets aloud? Only service animals will be allowed at EggFest.
  6. How should I dress? Please check the weather ahead of time and dress your children appropriately for outside activities. Egg hunts for kids older than 3 will take place outside and in a wooded area. There will be a mix of inside and outside activities.
  7. How can I get a balloon ride? Balloon rides are limited because of the length of the event. To sign up for a balloon ride, come early. The parking lot will open at 8:30 am, and lines can start at that time as well. You must go through the regular registration line before registering for a balloon ride time slot. Registration begins at 9:00 am.
  8. Are there restrooms available? Indoor restrooms are available on the premise – a men’s and a women’s on the first floor and a family restroom on the lower level.
  9. How might weather affect the event? In the case of heavy or consistent rain, we will post pone the event until April 11th. Unfortunately, the balloon may not be able to be rescheduled if we have to reschedule. Intermittent rain and some wind may prevent a balloon launch and limit bounce house activity, but we will still hold the event. You can get postponement notifications by registering for the event or liking the Facebook page.
  10. Can I bring my own food and drinks to the event? Absolutely. Bottled water and snacks will be available at the event for free as well.

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